You're doing WHAT with my kitty litter?

You’re doing WHAT with my kitty litter?

BIBO and Cat Litter -vs- A Luxuriously Soft Women’s Undershirt. (It’ll make sense in a minute.)

We can’t make this stuff up, and actually, it isn’t as odd as it sounds.

Ever heard of the acronym, BIBO (sounds like Tebow)? Well, you may have never heard of it, but you’ve likely experienced it to some degree. It stands for, “Built-In Body Odor”…that awful phenomenon when you take a seemingly clean top, sweater, or blazer out of storage for the new season and the `ghost of sweat and body-odors past’ still linger. Yuk.

Wait til you read how to get rid of it! Again, not unheard of, just…odd.

Here’s what you (might) need to know. It’s short and interesting

Of course, we know how you can prevent BIBO, save money & time, respect the environment, and keep all your tops cleaner and fresher no matter the season: our soft and pretty Annienymotee undershirts for women!

Leave the litter for the cats. 🙂