Rip-Off Tip-Off: When Buying Pink Costs More Green. | Women’s Undershirt

Rip-offs have been around since the beginning of time. They’re usually exposed and dealt with quickly. Still, one type of rip-off seems to thrive: the cost disparity between women’s and men’s products. Simply put: women often pay more for virtually the same thing.
Check out these frustrating cases in point (grrrrrrrrr):
Growing-up in a house with three brothers, I was very sensitive to inequalities I thought were happening. I’m sure they’d tell you my first words were, “not fair!” 🙂
Annoying as it was, that phrase is part of what eventually drove me to quit my job as a news anchor, and start my business designing, patenting,  and creating the best women’s undershirt on the market. I was simply sick of paying more for dry-cleaning than guys pay. It’s “not fair.”
So, like any woman faced with difficulty, I found a way to triumph (we’re good at that)!
I created a way for women to save money and  dry-clean far less often by taking a concept for men (undershirts) and improving it for women (the Topless Tee).
Annienymotee undershirts are exceptionally soft and lay flat to the body (so seams don’t show). Our stretch lace anchors the shirt firmly at the arms and hips so it never bunches, folds, or adds weight with even the lightest silk or knit clothing. Our women’s undershirts come in three skin-tone complementing colors..adding to their invisibility. And, our open-bust design ensures your undershirt stays out-of-sight with whatever neckline you wear over it.
Any daily perspiration, deodorant residue, oils or lotions end-up on your machine-washable undershirt.. so you can hang-up that blouse, blazer, or dress to wear another day instead of schlepping it off to the dry-cleaners after one wear.
Sounds fair, don’t you think?
Photo by Steve Evans from Citizen of the World (Knockout !Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons