Undershirts For Women (And Why Am I Talking About Dad’s Long Johns?) | Invisible Undershirts

Undershirts for women are always on my mind, of course, but even more so now. The December solstice, or official first day of winter, is on either December 20, 21, 22 or 23…depending on various factors. But unofficially, many of us felt the sting of winter’s chill long before late December and for several months after.
With colder temperatures comes the need for extra layers. I remember as a kid during wintertime rummaging through my Dad’s dresser for an old thermal shirt or pants before heading outside. Notice I said Dad’s. That’s because my Mom..and I’m guessing most women..didn’t have anything more than a bra, underwear, girdle, or slip to serve as a base layer. Not exactly top-picks when you’re looking for warmth.
What I’m getting at is this: women have been ridiculously underserved when it comes to base layer clothing options. Yes, you can get a package of thermals (long johns, long underwear.. however you put it) in pink or cute patterns these days.. but unless you’re wearing a high-necked sweater and long pants, you’re going to be exposing some of the most unattractive and distracting underwear you own.
Topless Tee undershirts for women by Annienymotee are the only  answer for women who want a base-layer under their tops and dresses that will not show, peek-out of, or distract from whatever they wear over it. They are dedicated undershirts for women… a huge leap above men’s undershirts.
Listen, I bet you could name several men’s undershirt brands right off the top of your head. Now, try doing the same for women’s undershirts. Some big brand underwear companies may offer you a version of their men’s t-shirts and tank tops..but they’re bulky, bunchy and too obvious under women’s clothing. Annienymotee undershirts for women are unique. In fact, our Topless Tees are patented. You won’t find any others like them.
Topless Tees not only protect your clothing from daily perspiration and deodorant marks, they’re your go-to base layer in a cold office…because you can wear them invisibly under your professional clothing: suits, blouses, dresses. Our open-bust design works with any neckline. Our fabric is not only impossibly soft, it has 4-way stretch to accommodate your every move, and our no-show stretch lace ensures seams lay flat. Our women’s undershirts don’t bunch-up or show-up.
Thermal underwear is great.. if you’re skiing. But when you’re wearing a suit to the office, remember women now have an option: we call it, “going Topless“..with a capital “T”…the Topless Tee undershirt for women.
Photo by AZAdam