Don’t Wash By Hand.  go Topless (Tee)! | Undershirts For Women

Do you hate to wash by hand as much as we do?  With certain blouses and tops, it’s either that or a trip to the dry cleaner’s (a true a lose/lose situation).
Still, hand washing is even worse when your wash basin is a tiny bathroom sink (yuck!), or located down in a cold basement or mudroom.  It’s also a mess that will turn your hands cold and red in no time… and it takes time to do it right.
Now.. picture changing out of that ‘wash by hand‘ item, and hanging it right back in the closet.. no deodorant residue under the arms, no sweat marks or stains… ready to wear another day.  That’s what Annienymotee women’s undershirts can do for you!
Wash by hand?  Wear a Topless Tee to extend wearing time instead.
Our undershirts for women are made of ultra-soft, stretchy fabric that feels great against the skin.  They fit snugly on a woman’s curves, without binding or compressing.
Our premiere Nakeds Collection comes in three skin tones (as well as classic black).  By complementing your skin tone with one of our light, medium, or dark colors.. your Annienymotee women’s undershirt will blend-in with your body.. making it virtually undetectable under the sheerest, lightest fabrics (even white!).  Just select your usual tee shirt size, and our wide stretch-lace will keep your Annienymotee undershirt from riding-up… no tucking-in throughout your day.  Plus: shirts in our Topless Tee collection won’t show under any neckline you throw at them.  Go scoop neck, or lower.. you won’t see the undershirt!  That’s because we designed the Topless Tee with an open-bust to embrace the bra.. not cover it.
And here’s a feature of the Annienymotee undershirts for women we insisted on: caring for your undershirt is, well, care-free.  You don’t see the words ‘wash by hand‘ on our tags.  Just toss your undershirt in the washer on cold with the rest of your delicates.  You can tumble dry on low.. or air dry.. the choice is yours.  If you prefer,  our undershirts are thin enough to go inside a lingerie bag for washing as well.  (In fact, one customer said she accidentally washed and dried hers with a hot water load!  She said the only thing she noticed was a little looser fit in the stretch lace… which she liked!)
So use that bathroom sink for spitting out toothpaste, the mudroom and basement for storage and brooms.  Save your soft hands for caressing, holding, and kissing…not for hand washing.