Wearing Undershirts In The Summer To Protect Your Clothing is smart (*videos*).

Wearing undershirts in the summer not only makes sense for wicking away sweat and keeping you cool… it means less laundry and dry-cleaning . So summer clothes keep their vibrant colors, crispness, and finishes.

Our Annienymotee women’s undershirts work great with thin summer dresses that have sleeves…but how do you wear an undershirt with a sleeveless dress or top?

We’ve all suffered the white deodorant/antiperspirant residue under the arms of a sleeveless dress or top (and the nearly impossible task of cleaning it out of the fibers).

Check out these videos, where I personally show you how to wear Annienymotee undershirts discreetly with sheer, lightweight...and even sleeveless…summer clothing.