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Identity theft is a great concern for anyone using the internet, especially e-commerce sites. At Annienymotee, we want you to know that we take your security more seriously than most major retailers.
First, we use a 2048-bit data encryption security certificate (SSL certificate) everywhere on our site.  Google recommends that all websites be secured, and we agree.  To demonstrate this feature, just look for the https and/or the padlock in your URL address box at the top of the page.  Our security certificate’s encryption strength is exponentially stronger than most websites on the internet today. It comes with a higher cost, but you’re worth it.
Second, we do NOT use large server data centers to run our website. The Annienymotee website is hosted on a computer in our office, primarily for your security. Large data centers (known as web hosting servers) are often targeted by hackers for the purpose of stealing millions of customer records. Hackers don’t even consider hacking a single website, in an isolated location, because there’s no payout for them. Why hack a single computer server when you can hack thousands of servers simultaneously in one location?
Third, even the physical security of your information at is much greater because, once again, the server is in our office. Only the owners of Annienymotee have access to your private information.
Fourth, we use “session identification” for every visitor. Regardless of when you visit, a unique session ID is generated every time. While the URL address in your browser looks like this:, the actual URL looks something like this on our end:
What the session ID does is generate a random piece of code, every time you visit our website, that attaches to your visit. So it’s nearly impossible for a hacker to tap into your visit to while you’re on the site. The hacker would have to “guess” what the randomly generated session ID code is, and that’s very much impossible.
Fifth, the Annienymotee website can only be seen by our customers in the United States.  We block all international countries for the express purpose of eliminating malicious hackers, bots and malware from notorious countries like China and Russia.
Sixth, is continually scanned by our internal security software (Wordfence), and proactively blocks any computers trying to brute force our server.  These malicious attacks are proactively scanned, and blocked from any access to any part of server.
Finally, your credit card information is NEVER stored on our server. We pass your information through to our merchant, and they process your card. During checkout, a session ID, server security certificate (SSL), and long-chain password are all generated to keep anyone from seeing your private information as you enter it.
Identity theft has unfortunately become commonplace, but the hacking almost always takes place in large data centers, such as those created by major retailers and web hosting providers.
At, we always do our best to ensure your private information remains secure by going above and beyond what most other e-commerce sites would even consider.
Please buy with confidence… and let your referrals know we’ll take care of them as well.
Ann Heibel