annienymotee Undershirts For Women: Why We’re The Best | Invisible Undershirts

“It’s excellence in leadership when everyone wants to manufacture a black shoe and you manufacture a designer black shoe with gold medal on top. Do something new; do something better!”
― Israelmore Ayivor

I love that quote. Not because it gave me inspiration to start Annienymotee undershirts for women, but because it affirms the business I’ve already started.
Starting anything is risky, and it’s a good thing I didn’t know how risky or challenging it is to bring a new product to market, because I may have been scared away. I just knew these women’s undershirts worked for me. And I knew they would save other women money, time, and clothing as well.
But you know how once something gets in your mind, you start seeing it everywhere? Well, since I began manufacturing Annienymotee undershirts for women, I’ve noticed similar products cropping-up.  They certainly weren’t around when I began my quest for a women’s undershirt (and soon realized I’d have to make it myself). But they’re out there now… and they simply do not hold-up to Annienymotee women’s undershirts. Here’s your proof:

The myth of bamboo and beech trees:

Our closest competitors offer shirts made of what they term “sustainable,” “natural,” “organic,” and even “pesticide-free” fabrics.  The truth is,  wood pulp…regardless of its source… is used to make rayon fibers for clothing.  It can come from pine, spruce, bamboo, or beech.  The resulting fabric is the same… and is classified as rayon.  And guess what? Rayon fiber undershirts have the same moisture-wicking and odor-preventing properties as undershirts touting bamboo or beech fibers. Here are two links to help explain the bamboo/beech myth: ( & ( There are several more articles on-line regarding rayon and the new (honest) labeling requirements for bamboo, beech, and other fibers. It’s an easy search, if you’re interested.

Consumers pay more for that myth:

Our competitions’ undershirts for women cost (according to their websites) and up.. and we mean up. In fact, the lowest price for an undershirt (short sleeve or long) on one site was a staggering !! At Annienymotee, we wanted to offer the lowest price and the best quality.  Our line of Topless Tee undershirts currently run just .95 for a short-sleeved style.  That’s almost 25% less than our competitors’ lowest price. And Annienymotee undershirts are labeled a rayon/spandex blend… no myth there.

Things aren’t always as they seam:

What I just said about “..lowest price and the best quality..” is evident in Annienymotee undershirts for women the second you step into the light. My career as a television news anchor, especially in front of high-definition television cameras, was a lot like sitting under a microscope. The station hired make-up and wardrobe consultants to help with the transition to high-def. I’m telling you, those cameras revealed every hair out of place, every wrinkle, and every lump and bump. For me to wear a protective undershirt on-air, it had to be as undetectable as possible…and that’s why I went with a wide,  stretch-lace trim instead of a plain seam. The stretch-lace trim makes seams nearly invisible..even in high-def. Here’s what industry leaders say about stretch-lace:

  • “Smooth, comfort stretch lace is seamless under clothing”… Hanky Panky
  • “Super soft stretch lace forms a smooth fit on your body that won’t show up under clothes”…  Flirty Panties
  • “The stretch lace thong that is smooth and invisible under clothing…  All over lace.. Wide stretchy sides lay flat”… Entimi
  • “Constructed of soft stretch lace with beautiful lace banding at the top, this is the most seamless and comfortable choice for an invisible look underneath your clothing!”… Cloak & Dagger
  • “Lightweight Laceable™ thong made from ultrasoft, stretch lace.. A fit so close and comfy, it’s virtually invisible under clothes”… SOMA

To see for yourself how Annienymotee women’s undershirts beat our competition at invisibility, click here.

Separate and unequaled:

Perhaps the most obvious reason our premiere Topless Tee undershirts are unparalleled lies in the very reason we call them “Topless” Tees… it’s our open-bust design. No other sleeved undershirt for women has it. We designed Topless Tees this way for several reasons:

  • No peek-through or pop-ups of your women’s undershirt..regardless of the neckline you wear over it. Aside from Madonna, most of us don’t put our bras on display when we dress. With Topless Tees, as long as your bra’s not showing, neither is your undershirt for women. Yet, your underarms, shoulders, back and stomach are still covered.. preventing perspiration, oils, lotions, and deodorant from getting on your clothing.
  • No uniboob. With our open-bust design, your bra cups remain separated under clothing. This prevents your bust line from forming one expanse of tissue (like a tube). If you wear a women’s undershirt that covers your bra, you run the risk of a uniboob look. Go Topless (Tee), and you just plain look better under clothing. (If that weren’t the case, all bras would be designed as  shelf-bras, or tube tops. Thank goodness the industry knew better.)
  • They’re a natural for nursing moms. Breastfeeding is good for mom and baby. But it’s not always easy or convenient to nurse. Topless Tee undershirts by Annienymotee cover a mother’s body, but leave quick and easy access to her nursing bra. No pulling down on a cami or tee-shirt, no bunching at the shoulder or neck.  Unbutton, or lift your top..your belly’s covered, you’re warm, and the baby and you nurse in comfort.

Topless Tee undershirts are great for breastfeeding.

Nude is more than one shade:

This is a biggie for us. Nearly ever lingerie or underwear brand out there has one shade of color they call “nude.” It’s beige..maybe a peachy beige. But it doesn’t take rocket science to realize women come in more than one shade of “nude.” No other sleeved undershirt for women comes in the skin-tone complementing shades Annienymotee womens undershirts do. Now to perfectly match every skin tone, we’d be looking at dozens of colors. That’s not only costly, it too confusing for consumers to decide on a color..especially when shopping on-line. So, we offer three skin-tone complementing shades: light, medium, and dark. It took considerable time, and a lot of fabric swatches (which we draped on the arms of women of all ethnicities.. some we simply saw walking down the sidewalk.. really). But we ended-up with three colors that best match most skin tones. If they’re not a perfect match, they’re very close. That means your undershirt will not show through lightweight silks, polyesters, gauzy fabrics, and even the standard white blouse.
So there you have it. Annienymotee undershirts for women are simply the best you can buy. We’re currently designing and perfecting more quality undergarments for women. And we promise to use the same care and attention to detail in every piece of clothing we offer.