Rainy Day

Video Alert! Rainy day fashion used to mean putting on your so-so clothes. It was raining and yucky out.. and let’s face it, your hair was going to frizz or fall with the moisture. You may have to wear rain boots. Not exactly the kind of day to dress up in your best, right?
But….you can still wear your best. Just go Topless Tee under it all! Our women’s undershirts keep clothes drier and fresher from the inside-out! It may be wet outside, but your clothes won’t have any dampness, stain, or mark from you (though you’re going to need a raincoat or umbrella for the outside!) It’s rainy day fashion made fresh.
You see, your deodorant and daily perspiration sit next to your undershirt for women.. not your clothes. Once the day’s done, you can hang those clothes back up in the closet to wear again before cleaning. And, you can toss your Topless Tee women’s undershirt in the laundry basket. Easy peasy. Even on those rainy days.