Sizing Chart

Why Our Sizing Chart Measures The Upper Arm: | Undershirts For Women

**If in doubt, or between sizes, select one size up**

At Annienymotee, our patented designs and fabrication mean you get the best-fitting, most undetectable undershirt possible.
All of our undershirts are cut to fit industry standards. And because the body of our shirts are made from four-way stretch fabric, you’re ensured a good fit, even if you’re technically between sizes.
Our sleeves are finished with a stretch lace trim that has less give. They’re designed that way to keep the undershirt in place so it won’t bunch-up or move as you raise and lower your arms. A looser fit, like traditional men’s undershirts, would only look lumpy, and ruin the lines of the garment you’re wearing. When you pay top dollar for clothing, you don’t need an undershirt to undermine the look.
So, by taking into account your upper arm circumference (at the bicep) you’ll get the best, most secure, and most undetectable fit. If you prefer a more relaxed feel, simply select one size up. Your undershirt will still lay smoothly.