Hi! I’m Annie.

I’m so glad you’re here!


It all started one day about five years ago. Frankly, I’d had enough. I was picking out a suit for my job as a TV news anchor and noticed more clothes were spilling out of the dry cleaning hamper than were hanging in my closet. Where some might have seen dirty blouses, jackets, and dresses… I saw a huge dent in my day’s wardrobe choices, and worse: dollars flying out of my wallet.

Then it hit me: A lot of those clothes weren’t outwardly stained or soiled. They’d just been through a typical day at the office. They had a normal amount of perspiration and deodorant residue from one day’s wear. If I could avoid that, I could avoid the hassle and cost of having them dry cleaned so often.

What I needed was an undershirt… an undershirt for women. We’ve all seen men hang dress shirts back in the closet after a day at the office. Their undershirts absorb sweat and deodorant so they can wear their dress shirts more often between dry cleanings. I think we should have that same option.

Designing a women’s undershirt hasn’t been easy. I started that day by taking an old t-shirt and cutting out the neckline with some scissors. It bunched and wrinkled under my blouse the whole day, but I didn’t give up. In a few months no t-shirt in my life had been spared as I tried-out new design ideas.
A few patents, and a few years of R&D later, and Annienymotee was born.

At last: a women’s undershirt that won’t bunch-up, ride-up, or show-up under even the finest, thinnest fabrics. From day one, designed to be undetectable for women of all skin colors. They’re just enough to keep you warmer in a cold office, but made to wick away perspiration on a hot summer’s commute. And Annienymotee undershirts for women brought my dry cleaning costs to a fraction of what they once were.  And with less dry cleaning… my designer jackets, dresses, and tops look newer, longer. Winter sweaters aren’t as itchy, and my hands are no longer red from hand-washing some clothes in cold water.

I want the same for you and every woman out there.

So save yourself some time and money.. and look good doing it!