Breastfeeding Made Convenient With Less Skin Exposure | Topless Tee

Breastfeeding is such a special bonding time between a mother and child. You’ve given birth. You’re in love with this perfect little life. And it’s time to enjoy your blessings.
Still, not everything is coming up roses. Let’s face it: you could use some more sleep. And you know how some women (especially celebrities) just seem to snap right back into shape after giving birth? Well, for most of us mere mortals, that’s not the case. We still have weight to lose and skin to tighten and tone. This.. at a time when we’re lifting our shirts every few hours to nurse. So what’s a breastfeeding mom to do?
Thankfully, things just got a little easier for breastfeeding mothers: now is the perfect time for you to go Topless (Tee)!  Annienymotee undershirts for women‘s Topless Tee design doesn’t cover your nursing bra. Rather, it has an open-bust design that leaves your nursing bra exposed under clothing… always at the ready.

As a bonus (or maybe more importantly for you), your post-baby tummy remains completely covered under the Topless Tee while breastfeeding! We use the softest, stretchiest fabric. We like to think it’s softer than a baby’s…well, you know. 🙂 Baby gets fed, and breastfeeding Mom retains some privacy and comfort for herself at a time when she could really use it!
The Topless Tee is also perfect for breastfeeding moms who are heading back to careers outside the home. They provide the ease of access for pumping, with the maximum coverage for privacy.  AND Topless Tees make the best baby shower gifts! (If in doubt about sizing, we recommend sizing up or buying a gift card code.)
One other thing: when you’re giving away all your old maternity clothes…hang-on to your Topless Tees.. you can still wear them under your work clothes or casual wear to protect your whole wardrobe from daily perspiration, deodorant marks, and frequent laundering. The same open-bust design means you can put any neckline over them, without the undershirt peeking out.