Sweater Weather’s Here! | Undershirts For Women

It’s time to get out those soft, cozy sweaters, layer-building turtlenecks, and knits! It’s always fun to rediscover your fall and winter wardrobe favorites.. and to add a few choice pieces to your closet. But before you submerge yourself in all that softness, we have a tip for avoiding one of the most common sweater mistakes: the dreaded uniboob.

The Dreaded Uniboob

At Annienymotee, we’re here to make sure all your sweaters and knits look better on you than on the shelf. And it all gets down to what you’re wearing underneath those fall and winter layers.
We designed our Topless Tee style with an open-bust. Our Topless Tee’s do not cover your bra. Not only does this mean you can wear any neckline (think cowl neck sweaters) without your protective undershirt showing…. you also completely avoid the smooshed, uniboob look that wearing a regular t-shirt or undershirt creates.
Of course, topping it all off, you’re protecting your cashmere, wool, and fine knit sweaters from daily perspiration and deodorant. You don’t have to dry-clean or hand wash as often. Your sweater weather favorites remain vibrant, and the strength of their fibers remain strong.
Stay warm, feel the softness, and look like the beautiful woman you are. Go Topless (Tee) under all your sweaters and knits this season.