Bamboo Fabric’s Little Secret | Undershirts For Women

Bamboo is an invasive species! So don’t let it invade your bank account by buying pricey clothes that tout its (often false) benefits.
During our research and development phase at Annienymotee, we tried “bamboo” fabric. But we decided the only difference between it, and the rayon/spandex blend we ultimately went with was price… a much higher price for the “bamboo” fabric. It’s a cost we refused to pass-on to you. The amazing part is this: we didn’t know it then, but turns out  “bamboo” fabric is no different from rayon fabric.
You see,  wood pulp…regardless of its source… is used to make rayon fibers for clothing.  It can come from pine, spruce, bamboo, or beech.  The resulting fabric is the same, and is classified as rayon.
But don’t take our word for it, Google it yourself.  Here, we’ll get you started with just one of many articles: