Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are everywhere right now.
I  don’t know if you have any experience shopping or selling clothes on consignment, but it took me a while to warm-up to the whole idea. I mean let’s face it: for most of us clothes shopping can be fun, but when you consign pieces it’s like shopping in reverse: they decide if they want what you have to offer.
Still, inspired by friends who’d gone before, I decided to test the waters a few years ago. I began by scouring the closet for every item that fit my simple criteria:

  • Clean items I haven’t worn it in a year
  • Clothing that’s stylish..but not so stylish I can’t let it go

After carefully hanging the selected clothing in my car, it was off to the Atlanta consignment shops. And let me tell you, at this point I’m feeling pretty good. I wasn’t consigning just anything. These were the clothes I wore on-air as a TV news anchor. These were designer labels I’d bought in New York (as well as a few items from my favorite-ever TJ Maxx).
I hit about four shops that afternoon. Here’s how they all went:
Me: “Hi, I have a few work clothes I’d like to consign…” Employee: “Great! Please hang them up here and I’ll get (so-and-so) to take a look at them.” Out comes a pleasant woman to examine the clothes: Woman: “Mmmm. Uh huh. Ok..” And 2-point-4 seconds later: “Riiiight, well we really don’t have a place for any of these. There’s only so much floor space, and we’re kinda full right now.” Me: “So you mean there’s nothing here you can use? These are designer labels I wore in my job…” Woman: “Riiight, but these blazers are a few years old.. we’re really looking for what’s on-trend this season…” [End Scene.]
But.. but….who consigns clothes they just bought? I thought the whole idea was gently worn clothing of great quality at reduced prices!? I was rejected every single time. Ugh.
This cautionary tale brings us to today. Did you know there are several sites on-line that consign clothes? Yep. But they do have standards….standards our Annienymotee women’s undershirts make so much easier to attain. Think about it: wearing an undershirt with your fine clothing means less perspiration, less deodorant/anti-perspirant stains, and less dry-cleaning or laundering (which helps keep colors vibrant, fabrics strong, and buttons attached).

Here’s what one on-line consignment site requires: 

“Our items are free from fading, pilling, stretching, stains and other signs of wear. Our clothing does what you expect it to do – that means no broken zippers, no missing buttons, no splitting seams.”

Let my foray into consigning clothes be a lesson. Save yourself time and money to begin with by wearing your Annienymotee undershirt with everything. Then when its time to sell… feel confident the clothes you’re consigning are at their best like new quality. Now that’s money in your pocket.
(P.S. Consigning on-line is so much easier!)