Announcing A New Way To Save Money On Annienymotee Undershirts For Women! | Invisible Undershirts

We call them our SMART SAVINGS 3-PACK” and SUPER SAVINGS 5-PACK.”  By bundling our undershirts, you pay less.. and get more.
Choose any size/color combination you need! The option are many, and so is the way you shop. With these two new options you can:

  • Go-in with friends and split the cost.. each of you will see your savings add-up.
  • Invest in yourself and your wardrobe by keeping them all.
  • Store a few in your carry-on luggage at all times for traveling light on-the-go.
  • Take a couple, and save the rest for gifts. (Did we mention they make fantastic baby shower presents for moms who plan to nurse?)

Whatever you choose, you’ll get exactly what you need… the way you need it… with substantial savings on each undershirt when compared to buying them individually!