It’s Spring! And We At Annienymotee Women’s Undershirts Couldn’t Be Happier About It. | Undershirts For Women

To celebrate the longer days and warming temperatures of spring, 2014, we’re announcing a special gift with every purchase: a beautiful, fragrant sachet… filled with organic lavender.
Each 3X4 organza bag sachet is hand-filled with a generous one-third cup of fresh, organic lavender buds grown in the Pacific Northwest….and the smell is like a heavenly breath of spring air!
Just set your sachet in your lingerie drawer or closet (alongside your  Annienymotee Topless Tee undershirts) and embrace the freshness of the new season every time you dress.

Our sachet gift keeps on giving, too…

You can rejuvenate the scent and therapeutic qualities of the freshly harvested lavender by handling or squeezing the pouch every few weeks, taking care to not rub your eyes afterwards!
Each sachet arrives with your Annienymotee order in a freshness-sealed celophane envelope, secured with a sticker. Just take the pouch out of the plastic, breathe it in, and place it anywhere you want to enjoy the  calming scent of lavender.
Our offer is good while supplies last.. so order you Annienymotee undershirt for women today… and HAPPSPRING!