Women’s Undershirts

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Remember the song, “Man Smart (Woman Smarter)?” It’s a fun calypso tune that’s been around forever. Variations of the song have been recorded by artists from Joan Baez and Harry Belafonte, to the Grateful Dead.
Our take? The song’s sentiment is even more true today. At Annienymotee, we took the concept of a man’s undershirt and turned it on it’s knees by creating one that not only functions better than a man’s at keeping daily perspiration, body oils, and deodorant off clothes.. it was designed with a woman’s curves and needs in mind!
Topless Tee women’s undershirts are not only created in three skin tone complementing colors to embrace all ethnicities and skin tones (we wouldn’t even launch our business until we had all women of color covered), they’re created with an open-bust neckline.. so they stay invisible under any neckline you put over them.
Now women can avoid the higher costs we’ve traditionally paid at the dry-cleaners (grrrrrrr). We can drive right past the laundromat, or walk right past the laundry room. We can take our blouse, after a day at the office, and hang it right back up in the closet for another wear. Feels good.
Hey, we’ve surpassed the idea of `evening the playing field’ with the guys.. we’re better. And, as the song says, we’re smarter!