Reading Is Not Fun. Don’t Judge. 🙂 | Undershirts For Women

Reading is not fun for me, and I’ve stopped beating myself up for it. Maybe it’s because I spent 22+ years as a TV journalist. It seems all I did was read news wires and scripts…all day long… M-F… for a living. But the hard truth is: I don’t enjoy reading. There…I said it.
I was always a little afraid someone at a party (or God forbid, interviewing me for something) would ask me what I’m currently reading, or if I’d read any good books lately. I probably haven’t…and frankly, it’s a rare book I’ve ever found compelling enough to read from cover-to-cover. That’s because, for me, reading is not fun.
“Who cares, and why are you telling us this, Annie?”  Exactly! Because it’s the perfect way to introduce you to my new Annienymotee Newsletter! No, seriously.


Books I won’t read.

Like me, You’re busy. You have deadlines to meet, bills to pay, kisses and hugs to give, dogs to pet, etc. etc.  and frankly, there’s little time in your schedule (or in-box) for another newsletter.
That’s why I’ve taken one of the worst parts of my personality (my dislike of reading), and am creating the world’s shortest, most fact-based “news you can use” newsletter I can come up with.
I’ll fill it with information on clothing care that you can actually put to use quickly and without much brain damage. I’ll put-in any (brief) updates regarding the latest in our undershirt line, and some fashion photos for inspiration. I may even include a music nugget (because I hate reading, but I love listening).
The main thing I want you to know is this: It’ll be short, and informative. (YAY!)
If that sounds about right to you, God bless you, soul mate. 🙂 Just head on over to and enter your email address at the top of the page! The first “Smart Solutions by Annienymotee” newsletter is out  tomorrow.
P.S. I love: the smell of old books, bookstores (so peaceful, and I feel smarter just walking inside), gorgeous book illustrations, and ceiling-to-floor libraries in old homes with leather chairs and pipe smoke. I just don’t enjoy reading books.