Spring Cleaning Means Making Tough Decisions In Your Closet | Undershirts For Women

“Spring cleaning” is a phrase you hear a lot this time of year. It’s full of hope, revival, and re-birth for some of us… while it brings a sense of drudgery for others. I’m happy to say I tend toward the positive on this one. I’m all about hope and revival.. not so much about winter and wearing three layers of clothing every day.
One of the inevitable tasks of spring cleaning in my house is moving my heavy, winter clothes into storage and my lighter-weight clothing back into the closet. It always.. always.. inspires me to pare-down my wardrobe. (Not sure if it’s guilt, common sense,  or my sore arms from lugging clothes everywhere that sparks this revelation.)
Anyway, it has to be done.  But now comes the tough part. I like my clothes. The expensive ones are hard to let go of (they’re investments after all, right?).  And I’m just so proud of my thrift-store finds (“classics”).
This brings me to an article I found on-line today. I like it. It gives 5 great tips for saving money and reducing waste when it comes to clothing. And the best part? It doesn’t say you have to get rid of clothing you’re attached to.
Like traveling with only one carry-on bag, clearing my closet of unnecessary clothes remains a huge goal of mine. If I do it this year, I’ll feel like I’ve reached a new level of maturity… and I’ll tell you about it.
In the meantime, here’s the link with the 5 tips I told you about: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/emily-chen/5-easy-ways-to-reduce-clo_b_4887567.html 
OH.. and, of course, Annienymotee undershirts will always save women money and lessen waste by keeping clothes clean and fresh…  no matter how long you hold onto them.  🙂