Want To Be Happier In 2018? Spend More Money | Women’s Undershirt

I just came across an article you’ve got to read. It’s on Forbes.com and it mirrors what’s at the core of Annienymotee:
Saving time.. helps you save money… and both free you up to focus on what matters in your life! Check this out:

“…Faculty from Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia….found those participants who reported spending money on time-saving investments like ordering takeout or paying for a cleaning service, while in the minority, were happier than those who hadn’t….it wasn’t just the uber rich who were getting a mood boost from outsourcing tedious tasks that were clogging up their schedules.”

Our women’s undershirts were created for this very purpose. As a professional working woman, I was spending entirely too much time driving to-and-from the cleaners. I was spending too much time hand-washing clothes and hanging them around the house to dry. Clothing care takes time, effort, and money. Wearing a soft, lacy women’s undershirt means I can hang that silk blouse or dress back up in the closet and extend time between dry-cleaning and laundering. It’s a no brainer. Now.. here’s a link to the article (which also suggests ordering take-out and a house cleaning service… not bad ideas!).