Saving Money With  annienymotee Undershirts For Women | Invisible Undershirts


Saving money has never been more rewarding than with Annienymotee Undershirts for women.  That’s a bold statement, so let us back it up.

Our undershirts sell for just under on our website  The average price to dry-clean a woman’s blouse in the U.S. runs around (ranging from .25 to .00, depending on fabric).  If you wear 5 dry-cleanable blouses a month (I used to wear 5 a week) your Annienymotee undershirt has already paid for itself.  Suits, dresses, and sweaters cost even more to dry-clean, so imagine your savings there.  Now, if you spill something on the outside of the garment.. you’re on your own.

But let’s face it.. most of us end-up dry-cleaning clothing that isn’t soiled on the outside.  Rather, there’s deodorant/antiperspirant build-up under the arms, or we just feel icky wearing something two days in a row because of typical, daily perspiration and body oils.  Annienymotee women’s undershirts solve that issue.

And here’s the thing: we solve it better than anything else on the market.  With our premiere Topless Tee line,  there’s no need to worry about hiding your undershirt from view.  Our open bust line means if your bra’s not showing.. your Topless Tee’s not showing.  It really works.  And it’s patented.. so no one else can offer our no-show advantage.

As an added benefit, we secure our Annienymotee undershirts, like the Topless Tee, with low-profile stretch lace.  In fact, we tried countless stretch laces to find one that fits snug to your body to anchor the undershirt… but is nearly invisible under tight knits.  I worked under high-definition studio cameras.  Believe me.. any bump, thread, seam is easy to see with that technology… and my Annienymotee undershirt was completely undetectable.

I went from averaging 0-plus dry cleaning-bills every month to averaging 0 dry-cleaning bills only two times a year.  I went from monthly dry-cleaning (or more depending on the clothing) to once after winter and once after summer (seasonal dry-cleaning).  That’s savings.  That’s what Annienymotee undershirts for women can do for you.