Save On Laundry And Dry Cleaning With Our Undershirt For Women | Undershirts For Women

If you want to save on laundry and dry cleaning, ladies.. just look to men.  Many do it all the time (though we’d guess because of convenience, not cost savings).
How do they do it? By seeing how many times they can wear an article of clothing without washing, or taking it to the cleaners.  Some men we know (but try not to get too close to :)) even see it as a game, or worse yet, source of pride.
Tell us if any of this sounds familiar: “I only wore it for a few hours.”  “I didn’t spill anything on it.”  “It doesn’t smell…yet.”  It’s a gamble sometimes, yes.  But due to hassle, cost, and let’s face it… just being too tired to bother, we have all skipped the dry cleaners (or even a trip to the basement laundry room) and risked a few more wears out of our clothes to save on laundry.
But now, with women’s undershirts by Annienymotee, women can wear that blouse/jacket/sweater with confidence regardless of when it was last laundered.  It’s the confidence that comes from knowing your clothing was protected from light perspiration, underarm stains, and deodorant residue.  Our premiere women’s undershirt, the Topless Tee, was designed by a woman to wear under anything.  The fabric is light, stretchy, and soft.  It fits close to the body, and is anchored with stretch lace to keep it from riding-up throughout your busy day.

Choosing a Topless Tee closest to your skin tone ensures no one will see your undershirt beneath your clothing.  And the open bust line embraces your bra (doesn’t cover it up)… allowing you to wear any neckline on top with no show-through.
So all hail the 3-day blouse!    With women’s undershirts by Annienymotee,  you can save on laundry and dry cleaning while turning that dirty little laundry secret into a true source of pride.