Taken To The Cleaners? | Men’s Undershirts

When someone says you’ve been taken to the cleaners… it’s a bad thing, right?  It means you’ve been had.  You’re a sucker.  You’ve parted with your money unnecessarily.
Just look at dry cleaning.  You already know women spend more to dry-clean a similar article of clothing than men.  Dry-cleaners have their reasons, but the fact of the matter is: for decades men have been able to avoid frequent dry-cleanings (and laundering for that matter) by wearing undershirts.  Undershirts!
Finally, women can share that advantage.  Annienymotee undershirts for women do everything men’s undershirts do for them… only better.  Forget white cotton. Our premiere collection comes in black, and three skin tone shades of a luxurious spandex/rayon blend.  The fabric makes them soft and snug.  The skin tone colors make them invisible under whatever you wear over them.
The only things Annienymotee women’s undershirts have in common with men’s undershirts are the way they save clothes, money, and time.  By wearing our tees under clothing . . . perspiration, body oils, and deodorant stick to the undershirt, not what you wear over it.  That means less laundering and dry cleaning.  Clothes look newer, longer. And you save money and time.