Move Over, Men’s Undershirts | Undershirts For Women

Move over… white, cotton men’s undershirts.   You’ve been improved upon from every angle and offered to a new market: women.   Annienymotee undershirts for women are finally here!  They’re not white, they’re not cotton, and they’ll never be mistaken as men’s undershirts.
Let’s start with the fabric.  The rayon/spandex blend is exceptionally soft . . . it had to be, to sit next to a woman’s skin all day.  Our fabric also has four-way stretch.  That means no matter how a woman moves, her Annienymotee undershirt moves with her.  It won’t crease, gather, or add bulkiness to her silhouette.
Whereas most men’s undershirts are white, our premiere Topless Tee  collection comes in black as well as three shades of “nude” to best match women’s skin tones.  Our light shade is best for fair complexions, our medium shade best matches olive or caramel complexions, and our dark shade is for deeper brown complexions.  By choosing the shade that best matches a woman’s natural skin tone Annienymotee women’s undershirts are virtually invisible under most clothing.. even white and sheer fabrics.
Men’s undershirts come untucked as they move throughout the day.  Not ours.  Our women’s undershirts are anchored at the sleeve, bust, and hips with stretch lace trim.  Not only is the stretch lace practical for keeping the undershirts in place, it creates a seamless look under clothing.  It’s also pretty enough to expose if a woman wants to.
Finally, men’s undershirts come in two basic styles: crew neck and v-neck.  With Annienymotee, women have a third style.. open bust.  It’s why the premiere line is called Topless!  Our undershirts for women have an open bust line. The stretch lace runs from the top of the shoulders around the wearer’s bra… framing the bust, not covering it.  This pivotal part of the design allows women to wear Topless Tees under any neckline of clothing without exposing the undershirt itself.  Women can go as low cut as their bra cups, and as wide as their bra straps before any Topless Tee stretch lace peeks through.
Soft, seamless, virtually invisible undershirts for women.   About the only thing Annienymotee women’s undershirts have in common with men’s undershirts is they both keep the wearer’s clothing free from light perspiration, deodorant marks and residue, and underarm stains.  That means women, like men, can now save clothes from frequent dry cleaning or laundering,  while saving themselves the hassle and expense.