Deodorant Residue

You’re going to love our newest “spokesmodel” for Annienymotee women’s undershirts! (Sneak peak at the end of this video!) It’s always been rewarding saving women time and money with our undershirts. And it’s always been fun showing you how I wear my Topless Tee in a variety of ways.
Today, you’ll see how I recently went Topless(Tee) under high-definition cameras at my other job as a TV news anchor. It was anchoring the news that sparked my first “eureka!” moment about our product. I, like you, was sick of paying more than men do for dry-cleaning and laundry. I was tired of red, chapped hands from “hand-wash-only” blouses….not to mention the deodorant residue on the sleeveless shell tops I wore under blazers and with suits.
It’s because I’ve been there, that I patented Annienymotee undershirts for YOU. And, like you, I believe enjoying what you do, while helping others, makes for a great life. 🙂 Now, get ready to giggle as my coworker auditions to be our spokesmodel!