Deodorant Marks And Residue Are No Longer Issues For Women | Undershirts For Women

Deodorant marks and residue are two fashion nightmares.  No where do we women experience it more than with “the little shell.”   No, we’re not talking the seashore-selling kind.  Rather, the kind every professional woman has in her closet.  The, “…just throw a shell under the jacket and you’re good!” kind.   Really?  This little sleeveless top will carry my business suit through the workday?  Yep.  And it does!  Easy peasy!
That is, until you get home and take the jacket off.   Then you realize the ease and look of that shell comes at a price: your deodorant/antiperspirant has caked into the jacket lining.  Yuk.  Hardly professional.  So what can you do?Deodorant residue on designer jacket
Well, you could brush it off (literally and figuratively), wear the jacket a few more times, and add several more layers of deodorant residue.  Or, you could add it to the growing list of items to haul-off to the dry cleaner (paying the high price of dry-cleaning a woman’s suit jacket, schlepping the clothes into and out of the car, and going without an integral piece of your wardrobe for a few days).
Been there.  Done that.  Not fun.  Our alternative?  Go Topless (Tee)!  Due to its open bust design (which embraces the bra without covering it) the Topless Tee undershirt by Annienymotee can be worn under any shell… completely undetectable once you throw-on a suit jacket!  You get the same look at the office, but more comfortably, and without all that tacky deodorant residue.  Of course, going Topless (Tee) is also advised for your fine blouses, sweaters, and dresses.

But the benefits of Annienymotee undershirts for women don’t stop there.  We all know the fewer times you have to clean a fine fabric, the longer the wear, and better the finish.
So keep those pricey clothes looking like new, and avoid the mess of deodorant marks and residue left behind when wearing a shell under jackets… and any other top you want to keep fresh.