Undershirts For Men Re-Designed For Women | Topless Tee

Undershirts for men haven’t changed much over time. But now, Annienymotee’s premiere undershirt for women, the Topless Tee,  takes undershirts to a whole new level.
A Reddit user asked why undershirts for men are so popular. Here’s what they said:

  • “You can wear the nice over shirt multiple times because it does not contact your sweaty body, but instead the undershirt.”
  • “Considering I have several dress shirts that have to be dry cleaned, I prefer not to get them soiled with sweat and get them cleaned maybe every 4 times I’ve worn it.”
  • “I wear dress shirts everyday for work, and travel a lot… which makes dry cleaning a bit harder (I refuse to pay hotel dry cleaning rates!)”
  • “It’ll help prolong the life of your dress shirts, yes.”
  • “… It’s not about sweat, but all the other **** that comes off your body throughout the day as well.”

GREAT ANSWERS! And we can relate. Now Annienymotee has improved the undershirt just for women. We still get all of the aforementioned benefits as men, but we add: no-show-through skin tone colors, no-show neckline (with our premiere Topless Tee collection), and no bulkiness or bunching-up. Who wants to see the collar of an undershirt peeking through a blouse or dress…worse yet… tale-tell seams and bunching under clothing? Annienymotee women’s undershirts eliminate all that.

  • The patented design of our Topless Tee line gets rid of the neckline entirely. It will never peek-up (or through) what you’re wearing over it. If your bra’s not showing (let’s hope not), your undershirt’s not showing. You’re free to wear any style blouse, dress, jacket, or sweater over it.
  • When paired to your skin tone through our three skin tone complementing colors, you won’t see where your Annienymotee undershirt starts… or ends.. under even the lightest fabrics.
  • Our stretch lace not only anchors the undershirt firmly in place (no bunching up) it provides a seamless look under most anything.
  • Annienymotee undershirts fit close to the body… they’re designed to feel snug. And our fabric is so soft, you’ll want every inch touching your skin.
Yes, undershirts for men make sense… they’re practical, and men have proven that. But thanks to Annienymotee, undershirts are finally available, and improved, for women.