Bad Crease After The Cleaners | Undershirts For Women

All press is good press.  That is, unless your blouse or suit gets a bad crease after the cleaners press it.  It’s so unnerving to see.. once you take that plastic off.  (How DO you get those unwanted creases out of your dry-cleaned clothes, anyway?)  And don’t you just hate it when the collars come back creased or out of shape?
Sometimes it feels like we’re better off not taking our clothes to the cleaners in the first place.  The truth is, maybe we are.
Thanks to Annienymotee undershirts for women, you take clothes to the cleaner less often.  So the risk of an error, like a bad crease from the cleaners, is far less likely to happen.
Just slip-on a super-soft, 4-way stretch Annienymotee undershirt under whatever you’re wearing.  Our undershirts for women protect your clothing from deodorant residue, underarm stains, and light perspiration, while providing you with effortless comfort.
With our skin-tone shades, you simply match your skin tone to one of our three options… going a shade darker if you’re uncertain.  The complexion-complementing hues ensure your Annienymotee undershirt is invisible under the lightest fabrics.
You’re not confined by a style of neckline, either.  Our premiere line, which we call the Topless Tee undershirt, has an open-bust design.  It embraces the bust line with soft, elastic lace.. it doesn’t cover your bra (thus the name, Topless Tee!).  That way, you can pair it up with any style neckline on top.. and no one will ever see your undershirt peeking out.
So, lessen your risk of getting a bad crease after the cleaners have pressed your shirt, blouse, suit, or dress.  Preserve the look of your fine garments by dry-cleaning less often.  Wear an Annienymotee undershirt under everything you wear.