A Spokesmodel Shares Her Lesson With Annienymotee | Topless Tee

A spokesmodel I know had a shoot recently in New York. As she told me over the weekend, it was sort of a last-minute situation, and she packed her bags hurriedly.
“Normally I remember my Topless Tee…” she was telling me.  But this time she forgot to bring her Annienymotee undershirt with her.
As fate would have it, the shoot called for a change of wardrobe. Only instead of wearing something she’d brought with her, she had to wear a loaned, designer piece. The lights were bright, and the shoot was in a confined space with two production crews. It was hot…really hot.
As she tells it, “I was sweating, and I didn’t want to sweat all over this gorgeous blazer. As I was stuffing tissue under my arms, I told my assistant I could’ve kicked myself for not bringing my Topless Tee.”
“So there I am, saying my lines, when the director calls for a close-up near my hands. That’s when I notice it: the tissue from under my arms had traveled.. and was now peeking-out at the cuff.  I was so embarrassed.”
Wardrobe malfunctions can happen to anyone, anywhere. Don’t be unprepared like my friend. If you store a few Annienymotee undershirts in your luggage at all times.. you’ll be picture perfect no matter what circumstance you’re in.