Registration Free Annienymotee | Women’s Undershirts

Registration requirements are ubiquitous on e-commerce sites. But as Mom always said, “Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to!”…and that’s a philosophy we’ve adopted from the beginning. At, you never have to register to shop.
Before we ever opened our site (even before our first days as we were doing things differently. Heck, our entire concept of an undershirt for women is different. But we knew we had a product that would set the standard for an entirely new genre in women’s undergarments. No one else was doing it (and Mom, we  just had to).
At Annienymotee, we find registering practically everything but your blood type on a website both ridiculous and frustrating.
You shop on-line for various reasons: convenience, saving time, or maybe because a product’s sold on-line exclusively. But you’re not there because you enjoy filling out registration forms. There’s always the DMV if you’re looking for that kind of fun.
So register your automobile, register your domain name, and please register to vote. But when shopping for women’s undershirts, is a registration-free zone.