Afraid To Wear Your clothes? | Topless Tee

Yes, I’m talking to you.
If you own at least one piece of clothing  you absolutely love, but can’t remember the last time you wore it, you could be afraid to wear your clothes. If there’s anything your the closet with hang-tags still attached, you may be afraid to wear your clothes. And here’s a biggie: If you’ve ever picked out something to wear, only to put it back because, you’re “saving it for something special,”  you’re probably afraid to wear your clothes.
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Most of us are guilty. That is, most of us women. I have yet to meet a man who saves his clothes, though I’m sure there could be one or two out there. So why is that? How do guys avoid these clothing hang-ups we women seem to suffer from? I have a few theories:

  • They pay less for clothing (on average)
  • They pay way less for dry-cleaning
  • They’ve long had the benefit of wearing an undershirt to save their clothes from daily perspiration, deodorants, etc.

When less time, money, and effort are put into buying and caring for clothes, you have far fewer reasons to save them for some worthy occasion. Every day is occasion enough!
At Annienymotee women’s undershirts we’re taking the fear out of women’s closets. Our soft, pretty, lace-trimmed undershirts for women do just what the guys’ undershirts do (serve as a barrier between your skin and your clothes)… only better. You’ll never see our Topless Tee undershirts poking out of a blouse, sweater, dress, or blazer. Our skin tone complementing colors make them virtually invisible under even the sheerest fabrics. They’re not heavy, and they don’t bunch. When you wear a Topless Tee, you have confidence in everything you put on. You’re no longer afraid to wear your clothes. Fashion doesn’t intimidate you (and it never should).
Our women’s undershirts help prevent perspiration, oils, and anti-perspirant/deodorant from getting on your fine clothing. That means you launder and dry-clean less often. That means the fabrics and colors keep their weave and vibrancy longer. The clothes you invest in, pay-off.
So, that gorgeous, expensive blouse you have in the closet? Don’t fear it…wear it…and often! Enjoy the fit, the fabric, the way it makes you feel. You deserve it. You also deserve to save time and money from dry-cleaning and laundering by wearing your Annienymotee Topless Tee.