Gift Certificates Make Giving Even Easier | Undershirts For Women

Gift certificates for Annienymotee undershirts for women are finally here.. just in time for the holiday gift-giving season!
We know what it’s like to find a great product and want to share it. Our Annienymotee gift certificates are the easiest way to give our soft, lacy, undetectable women’s undershirts to the important women in your life…while ensuring they get the color and fit they need.
That’s right: No. More. Guesswork.
It’s easy. Just log-in at

  • Select “gift certificate”
  • Key-in the amount you want to give (You decide how much!)
  • And select “add to cart”
  • Once you proceed to checkout, you can opt to send the credit to yourself (so you can print the certificate and give to someone at a later date) or gift the credit to someone through an immediate and automatic e-mail (the recipient would get your gift via e-mail as soon as you complete the order).

The gift certificate choices are yours…but finding the best fit and color are theirs. And remember: you’re not only giving her a beautiful, soft undershirt she’ll love… you’re giving her the gift of time and money! That’s because fewer trips to the dry-cleaners save on both. Plus, wearing our women’s undershirts means fewer hand-washings, so she won’t have to dip her hands into cold water as often.
With Annienymotee undershirts for women, clothes retain their vibrant colors, and fabrics retain their durability because they’re laundered less often.
The reasons to give her an Annienymotee women’s undershirt are many, and now with our gift certificates, there’s really no reason not to.