Cold At Work And Warm Outside | Undershirts For Women

Don’t you hate being cold at work?  It’s a big problem for working women, even in the warm summer months.  And, if you dress for the heat outside, it often means you’re cold at work inside… not good.  In fact, we’ve actually worked at places where women run space heaters at their desks in August!
While you can’t wear long underwear every day under your business suits,  you can wear an Annienymotee women’s undershirt!  Our women’s undershirts fit snug without being constrictive.  They also absorb light perspiration, and are comfortable in any season…keeping you from being too cold at work, while not too hot on your commute.

During development, we gave one of our Topless Tees designs to a woman who lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. The capitol city is well-known for it’s sizzling summers when outdoor temperatures hover in the 90’s.  While our tester is regularly cold at work.. she was concerned about getting too warm wearing our undershirt in the hot summer months.  Guess what?  Not only did she report feeling comfortable all day… both outside during her commute, and inside where it’s normally cold at work… she was thrilled she didn’t have to deal with deodorant marks and residue as she dressed in (her company required) all-black!
At Annienymotee, our light-weight, stretchy, soft fabric fit closely to a woman’s body without adding any bulkiness.  Our snug stretch lace keeps the shirt from riding and bunching up.  And, our patented design allows you to wear your Topless Tee women’s undershirt under any neckline without being noticeable.  That open bust line means no one but you has to know you’re “going Topless.”
Topless Tee: it keeps you warmer when you’re cold at work, and still remains comfortable in the summer heat.