Love Your Mother Earth This Earth Day With Annienymotee. | Undershirts For Women

Happy Earth Day 2014 everyone! I hope you had a chance to celebrate, or have plans later on this evening. I plant a vegetable garden every year, and love to get out and smell the blossoms in our apple trees.
Now, I’m not one for secrets, and those who follow our blog know this. The only secret we like is when you wear your Annienymotee undershirt it goes undetected under whatever you’re wearing… its a more or less a secret item of lingerie (like it should be).
But the other day I came across a great article that truly fits this Earth Day. It’s entitled: Fashion’s Dirty Little Sustainable Secret; Wear More and Wash Less.  And as I’m reading it, I’m thinking, “Wait a minute.. we’ve been spreading that message since day one. In fact, it’s the very reason we started Annienymotee!” Still…. it does feel good when people get it.. and write about it. 🙂
So, I wanted to share the article with all of you. Here’s the link:
We also found this little gem of advice (albeit aimed at men) at “suits will last longer if you avoid dry cleaning after every wear (the chemicals are harsh and can ruin the fabric).”
Mmmm Hmmmm.
So, Happy Earth Day everyone! And thanks to God for giving us such a beautiful place to live and breathe.