Dry-Cleaning Charges Take A Toll On Women | Dry Cleaner

Dry-Cleaning charges vary greatly depending on where you live. But for most women, one thing doesn’t change: we typically pay more than guys in dry-cleaning costs.
Unnerving? Just look at a few of the comments we found on the internet:

Theresa: …what fires me up is that dry cleaners charge WAY more for ladies button down shirt than they do for mens. It doesn’t seem fair.
Diana: Totally unfair! Ours are usually smaller, so you think they’d be less!
Natalie:  I took two linen dresses and two silk tops to a fancy new dry cleaner that just opened up around the corner from me a few months ago (so convenient!) and they handed me a bill for .00. I almost cried. So yes, its too much. Especially painful because the dresses were thrifted…I paid more to clean them then I bought them for. I shake my fist at you dry cleaner people!!
Debbie: I usually get charged around for a dress at the cleaners! Most places charge more for women’s tailored shirts than men’s and it makes me mad! I try to buy shirts that don’t need ironing/special care and my bf can get shirts cleaned all the time for nothing!**
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**quotes from: www.thechiclife.com, September, 2010