White Blouse

An email we received asks an excellent question:      Topless T-105

  • Comment: I am very interested in your product — if it works, it will save me a ton in ruined white tops!  However, I have a question about color.  I’m very pale with olive undertones (Asian), but the lightest color you have looks very pink and I’m afraid it will show up as pink under white/sheer clothing.  I wasn’t sure if it was the true color — perhaps it’s my computer screen?  But if it is pink, will you be coming out with a more nude color?

My answer:
Good question. In fact, I’m smiling right now because your question sounds like something I would’ve noticed as well.  🙂
Short answer:
It’s not your computer screen.. it IS somewhat pink.. almost dusty rose. But, it works the best with pale skin. Also: there’s no risk on your part.  If it doesn’t work under white blouses in your home, let me know. We’ll send you out a return, pre-paid envelope..just slip it (in its original  packaging) in the bag and send it back. We can refund you, or send you another color on our dime. There’s no risk to you.
Loooong answer:
I’m very pale. My undertones are between a yellow and pink. I wear the light color. It IS a pinkish hue. In fact, the Topless Tee alone doesn’t blend-in to my skin tone exactly (it REALLY did on the model). It’s darker and pinker than my skin. But it completely vanishes under thin fabrics, and white blouses.
I remember picking the fabric. I had some beiges, pinkish, and yellowish colors. I thought about my bras. My beige bras were fairly camouflaged under sheer/white blouses..but when I put the beige fabric next to my skin, and then slipped on a white blouse.. you could plainly see it. I even went outside to test in different light.  This went on with several swatches until I tried the one you see on-line. It’s a richer pigment, and leans to the pink side.  But when I tested it..voila! Completely invisible. I even took swatches of the top 4 colors and taped.. yes.. taped.. them onto my torso before trying various blouses (white, sheer, gauzy, etc.) over them. The pinkish color won…even when I pulled the blouse tight against it. It was surprising to me.
On the website, I mention that if in doubt, you should try a darker color.. not a lighter one. This was true in my testing of swatches as well.  The fabrics that looked as pale as my actual skin (more beige) actually showed-up more under clothing (they ended-up looking white underneath clothing). The darker, deeper pigmented color did not show through.
Now, the medium color can work for some pale complexions (particularly those who are fair-skinned, but tan pretty easily). But for complete invisibility, I’d go with the light color.