Keep Warm This Winter & Look Good Doing It! | Topless Tee

Keep warm while looking good at the office without the use of space heaters and ugly “office sweaters.” Keep warm while looking good in class without leaving your jacket on.  It’s doable, and affordable with Annienymotee women’s undershirts!
Our premier line, the Topless Tee, functions as an invisible base-layer under any clothing you put over it. You’re a bit warmer, and… by “going Topless“… you’re providing a layer of protection between you and your clothes. That means daily perspiration, deodorant, and body oils touch your easy-to-launder undershirt, not your fine clothing. You end-up saving on laundry and dry-cleaning costs, too.
Just pick a Topless Tee in one of our three skin-tone-complementing colors that’s closest to your own or a little darker. They’re soft, lacy, and hug your body with our four-way stretch fabric. With our open-bust design, no one will know you’re “going Topless” under most any neckline, and even under sheer or white tops.
So ditch the office space heaters and the ugly cardigan you keep in your desk. Feel free to hang your coat in the closet or over your chair. Women now have a better option: Annienymotee women’s undershirts.
Check out our photos below for proof that you too can keep warm while looking good this winter. (And, like men’s undershirts, you’ll find ours also absorb daily perspiration once the weather warms up.)
Before: Our fair-complexioned model is wearing a Topless Tee in our Light color.⬇

Keep Warm While Looking Good

Topless Tee in the color: Light

After: The same model wears her Topless Tee under a sleeveless shell top and a blazer, invisibly!
Keep Warm While Looking Good

Topless Tee under a sleeveless, red shell top..under a blazer. Invisible protection and base-layer.

And, as we said, Annienymotee women’s undershirts are invisible even under sheer whites!
Keep Warm While Looking Good

Model’s wearing her no-show undershirt, the Topless Tee, under a sheer, white, wool sweater.