Women’s Undershirts…Are Topless Tees Really Invisible? Here’s Your Proof: | Undershirts For Women

Women’s undershirts are my passion. But I have another passion: TV News anchoring. Recently, I was hired to do a part-time news anchoring gig. Of course, I’m excited to be anchoring again, even if only temporarily.
But here’s the best part: the job’s also a great way to demonstrate just how effortlessly and invisibly my Annienymotee Women’s Undershirts (the Topless Tee line) work under all kinds of fabrics, necklines, and lighting conditions.
Last night in the studio I finally remembered to take some photos to show you! Seriously, I forget I’m wearing my Topless Tee women’s undershirt because they’re soft against my skin and stretch and move with me. In fact my undershirts are so invisible, my co-anchor was looking at me with curiosity.. wondering why I was `taking pictures of my arm’ in the studio. He couldn’t tell I was wearing an undershirt, even though he’s sitting right next to me, under bright lights!
Ok. so let’s get to it.
1. THE DRESS: Unforgiving polyester/rayon blend… Only women’s  undershirts that sit close to the skin, with a little stretch (and a flat stretch lace) would be THIS invisible!

2. NECKLINE: pretty low… yet NO sign of the undershirt protecting my dress from my skin and underarms.

3. KEEPING IT INVISIBLY FRESH: My ‪#‎ToplessTee‬ ‪#‎WomensUndershirt‬ in the color, “light.” (See it at my arm? Pretty good skin tone match. It’s a tad darker than my natural shade so that even under a sheer, white top… you’d never see it!)

And guess what? That dress went straight back in my closet when I got home. No need to dry-clean! The women’s undershirt? That goes straight in my cold-water wash hamper. Done and done!
Let me tell you, running this business, AND anchoring two live newscasts make me a tired puppy at the end of the day, so it’s such a relief to avoid dry-cleaning runs and hand-washing!!
Thanks for checking-in! You all are the absolute inspiration behind Annienymotee. I want ALL of you to save time and money while looking your best.
P.S. Want to see videos of how our Topless Tees perform? Just head to our YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/annienymotee