This New Clothes Dryer Saves Time, Space, And Money | Less Laundry

First off, I’m not getting paid for this! But as a born consumer advocate, I wanted you all to know about this incredibly cool product I just saw on the Business Insider. So many of our Annienymotee customers are city dwellers who spend waaaay too much time and money on laundry and dry-cleaning. Dry-Cleaners are typically several blocks away, and services are costly. For some, their buildings aren’t equipped with a laundry room, and they have to schlep their dirty clothes several blocks to the laundromat and stand guard at the machines they’re using.
(THIS is why they love their Annienymotee Topless Tees: less laundry. Less schlepping. Less cost. Time saved.)
And now the VonHaus Heated Clothes Drying Rack has entered the scene…making clothing care even more of an afterthought.
Yep, it’s just like it sounds. And it’s an ingenious idea. Now, I haven’t used one yet, but the Business Insider reviewer has, and her article is worth your read:
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