Office Fashion & Government Cheese: A Love Story | Undershirts For Women

‘Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will’ – Anne Klein

Office fashion, like it or not, can have have a huge impact on your career. And, as you’re about to read, so can free cheese (at least in my case).
Let me explain.
I’ll never forget the day I landed my first job as a network affiliate TV news reporter… it was 1990, and I was psyched. Wow. I’d made it. After years of listening to my professors’ warnings about the tough job market, fierce competition, and job insecurity, I’d finally triumphed. I was.. a working television news reporter.
Another day I’ll never forget happened soon after: A fellow reporter came over to my desk and whispered, “You know we’re eligible for government milk and cheese, right?” WHAT!? “Yeah, we’re paid so little, we’re eligible! I’ll do it…if you’ll do it.” Gulp. I knew my k/year salary was lacking, but wow. Just…wow.
Well, I didn’t do it. A mix of my pride and doing a little math on my milk and cheese needs didn’t justify standing in line for anything. I hate lines.
That was decades ago. But I never stopped being mindful of the money I’m making and how I’m spending it. In fact, budgeting was a driving factor for my current business, Annienymotee undershirts for women. Once my TV news career got going, better jobs and more money came along. So, I started investing in high-quality and designer office fashions like blazers, suits, silk blouses, etc. They’re not only expensive to buy, they’re expensive to maintain and clean. I got fed-up with the high costs and hassles of dry-cleaning, and the dry, red hands from hand-washing clothes. So, I created Annienymotee women’s undershirts, and never looked back.
Which brings me to today. Today I’m thrilled to say, Annienymotee is partnering with Dress For Success Atlanta. We want to help women who, like me decades ago, can’t afford high dry-cleaning bills in their budgets.

Me outside Dress For Success Atlanta’s impressive offices.

We recently donated thousands of dollars worth of our premier Topless Tee undershirts to this incredible organization. We believe in it and the intelligent, courageous women they serve. No one could use our women’s undershirts more.
Dress For Success Atlanta is a life-line for women who want to better themselves and their families through full-time employment, dependable salaries, and benefits. The work they do at Dress For Success is multi-faceted. They offer:

  • Office fashion and career clothing. These are quality pieces, many brand-new (tags still attached)! Suits, blouses, sweaters, slacks, bras, panties, and now…undershirts.
  • Professional accessories like briefcases, purses, leather shoes, belts, scarves, jewelry… even toiletries and makeup.
  • Interview training, computer labs, resume writing seminars.
  • Continued support once a client has landed a job.

Imagine having no idea where to begin with your resume. Imagine keeping your coat on during a job interview because you’re embarrassed about what you’re wearing. Think of how these things would weigh on your confidence and ability to land that job.
Our friends at Dress For Success Atlanta told us about women who walk into their offices barely looking anyone in the eye.. and leave hours later with a huge smile and undaunted attitude!
We are so happy to be a tiny part of that. Once these women have the skills and office fashions they need to land the job, we’re happier than you know to help them save time and money day-in and day-out on caring for their clothes.

Stephanie & Me excited to help.

Inspired? Remembering the obstacles in landing your first job?
Please visit and consider donating.
With gratitude,