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Please read my email? Are you kidding? No, I’m not. At Annienymotee women’s undershirts, we get email from such incredible women.
Today I was thinking of how I could condense and share parts of an email I received last week that was a such a joy. It has a lot of good information I figured you could use, too.
But there’s a problem: I’m a private person. After two decades in front of the camera in TV news, it’s nice to have a little privacy back. Asking anyone to please read my email doesn’t come easily for me. So, I thought about editing it.. taking some of “me” out of it.
Then it occurred to me: edited people aren’t real. It struck me as ironic that here I am, basically asking all of you to buy underwear from me…something extremely personal…and I’m considering holding back from you. You trust my product, and you should. So I’m returning the favor and trusting all of you. And.. I should.
So, please read my email. The only thing I changed was to take out any personal information (last name, phone number, email address) regarding this wonderful customer.

Name: Shelley XXXXXX

Comment: Dear Annie I got my order last week and the shirts are superb-the solution I was seeking! I just wanted to mention that my shirts labelled ‘light’ really appear to be the ‘medium’ tone. I am super pale so I wanted the light but its no problem I am wearing them anyway! I am telling you just in case someone has put the wrong sticker on your stock. Also a little suggestion -have you considered a wider neckline/I have no idea if its possible I just noticed on my boatneck & scoop  sweaters wishing your shirt came out an inch or two wider at the shoulder to be right on the bra line. I have tried wearing the shirt slightly pulled to the side to be more on top of the shoulder but the stretchy lace makes it creep back down. Note: I am super sensitive to fabrics and I absolutely love that I cannot feel this shirt/no indentations and no itching so thank you you are brilliant!
Phone (optional): (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Time: March 25, 2015 at 6:27 pm

My reply in its entirety:

Hi Shelley,

Know what? I LIVE for comments like yours!! Seriously made my evening.
The points you are so thoughtfully making not only sound like something I’d say, they are some of the exact thoughts I had creating these undershirts. 🙂  It makes me smile, since I’m always the “picky” one in my group.
First off (and I love talking about this, btw), you’re right… the color we classify as “light” is, in fact, fairly dark..almost a dusty pinkish color. It has to be. I’m about as white/fair/pale/pasty as they come, and you should find (like I did) that our “light” blends with your skin tone nearly invisibly under light clothing.
I tried about a dozen hues before choosing our “light.” I actually taped swatches of fabric to my body and then put on a white, sheer blouse. I examined the colors in incandescent & fluorescent indoor lighting, and outdoors in natural light. This color was tops all around. If we actually matched the skin color you and I have, our undershirts would show through anything white or light. I tried, and it didn’t work.
BTW, here’s an interesting aside article I found two weeks ago that speaks to the darker, pinkish tone I chose: 
Our “medium” color is a deeper tan..with golden undertones and is, again, a bit darker than most medium complexions.
And now to the boatneck styles and your Topless Tee. One of my earlier prototypes had a wider neckline! Again, it makes me happy that you thought of it, too (if you ever need a job…..). The problem was (as you probably guessed) the shirt kept slipping off the shoulders of testers. It didn’t slip off mine, but every other woman who wore it for us had issues. I also tried a prototype with a deep scoop neckline in the back…unfortunately, it caused the same problems.
I am glad you tried playing with pulling the shoulders down. Sometimes something as simple as that works. Here’s a tip that actually took me a while to realize: don’t forget to pull the back of the shirt down towards your butt. I don’t pull on the stretch lace, I take the fabric by the (ahem) love handle area (not sure how else to say it) and pull down… then adjust the lace to lay flat. That trick affects the shoulders. We’re all uniquely built, but it may be worth a try.
Shelley, seriously.. I am still smiling. Thank you for being such a good consumer, and I’d guess thoughtful person in general. It’s a blessing and a curse sometimes, isn’t it? 🙂
On an unrelated note, I just wrote this blog today you might enjoy, if you have the time:
Thank you for your interest in our women’s undershirts.

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