Summer Travel Hack Number One | Women’s Undershirts


Summer Travel.. what could be more exciting when the weather’s nice than a trip to the beach, island, or even Europe? Whether you plan a trip by plane or car, and regardless of where you’re going, there’s one travel tip that we all can use.. and it involves packing lightly.

No one wants to schlep around a lot of luggage on vacation. It’s cumbersome, and these days its expensive to check your bags when flying. But packing light can be easier said than done… especially if you like souvenirs. The most extravagant souvenir I ever bought on a trip was a large oil painting. It’s still hanging in my living room. Of course there was no way to pack a painting in my luggage…but that’s not the kind of vacation goodie I’m talking about today. Today it’s the stuff you can (hopefully) stuff in your luggage and take home. Every small gift here and there takes up valuable space in your luggage.

Several years ago, when my family took a trip to France, my brother taught me a valuable lesson: pack clothes you don’t mind parting with. It works like this: old jeans? Wear them a few days on your trip.. then, fold them up and leave them in the hotel room.. voila! Now you have room for that blouse you had your eye on, and someone in another country gets some free Levi’s. That plan worked great when I was younger, but these days I don’t want to travel like a student at a youth hostel. So I had to find another way.

You knew this would get to my women’s undershirts…. Yep. Not only do they help me save room in my luggage, but I look better traveling in nicer clothes. Here’s how the summer travel hack works: pack only a few clothing items, but also pack your Annienymotee Topless Tee women’s undershirts. They’re thin, soft, and easily roll out of the way in your suitcase. Our Topless Tees act as a barrier between your body and whatever you wear over it. Hot day sightseeing? Your Topless Tee wicks-away daily perspiration so clothes remain free from visible upper body sweat and stains. You can easily wear that clothing again on the trip without having to hand wash it in the room, or the need for a laundromat. That’s at least two days wear for one piece of clothing. And, If you don’t spill on it or otherwise stain it, you could conceivably wear that clothing several times with confidence.

And comfort? You’ve got it. Our Annienymotee women’s undershirts are undergarments you want to wear. They’re soft, lacy, and although they sit close to your body.. they’re not compression garments! We never use bulky, hot padding under the arms to absorb sweat… so you feel comfortable, never hot or soaked. Our open-bust, patented design means you can wear any style neckline over your undershirt…and your Topless Tee remains hidden.

The whole idea behind Annienymotee women’s undershirts is to save women time and money, while preserving the look, feel, and colors of the clothing they wear. You launder and dry-clean less, your clothes look newer, longer. That’s true whether you’re working in the office, or taking off on a summer get-away.

Safe Travels, and thanks for reading!


P.S. Don’t forget the sunscreen!