Women’s Suiting Styles Hack = Clean Lines | Topless Tee

Women’s suiting styles come and go (we’re looking at you, shoulder pads!).
Still, no one would argue that the best women’s suiting styles are timeless, clean…. effortless. So how do we get there? Often, the trick lies in what you wear underneath your suit jacket.
Let’s face it, there are some jacket cuts, styles, and colors that are nearly impossible to style with a blouse or shell. For that… we’ve got you covered (err..uncovered?) with our Topless Tee. 🙂
Just check-out the attached video of me at work, and see for yourself!
With our Topless Tee undershirt by Annienymotee, you get a clean, stylish look. Your suit jacket remains clean, as our patented women’s undershirt effortlessly and invisibly provides a barrier between you and your suit. It works under any suit style or neckline you have.
Oh… and no more standing in front of the closet for 10 minutes desperately searching for something to wear to work!