Clothes Missing And Buttons Broken: Risks Of Dry Cleaning | Undershirts For Women

They say dryers eat socks.  Well, we think some dry-cleaners eat buttons!   Certainly, most dry-cleaners do a more than satisfactory job handling fine clothing.  But all it takes is clothes missing and buttons broken (sometimes its rhinestones, or other embellishments) to turn the tide.
Let Annienymotee undershirts for women help you minimize that risk!  Let’s face it, the fewer trips to the dry-cleaner, the fewer  chances of clothes missing and buttons broken.
Annienymotee undershirts are soft next to your skin, effortless to wear, and add a thin layer between you and any irritating fabrics.  Our women’s undershirts are designed for women to protect clothes from deodorant residue, light perspiration, and underarm stains.  So, you don’t have to dry clean clothes as often.. and you reduce any risks at the cleaner’s.
Annienymotee has taken the concept of the undershirt, and improved the look, feel and performance to fit women’s bodies and lifestyles.  Our four-way stretch rayon/spandex blend ensures a silhouette that’s close to the body, without being constrictive or binding.  It’s super-soft, and easy to care for.
And, as always, our Topless Tee line of women’s undershirts is designed with an open-bust.  The Topless Tee frames the bra, it doesn’t cover it… that’s why we call it “Topless!”  That way, women can wear the undershirt under any neckline without it showing.  You can go as low as you need, while still protecting your clothes.

You can even wear your Annienymotee undershirt under a sleeveless shell with a jacket or blazer… it won’t show unless you take the jacket or blazer off!
Our shirts are trimmed with low-profile stretch lace . . . virtually invisible under the lightest of fabrics.  The stretch lace is snug and  keeps your favorite Annienymotee in place . . . it won’t ride-up no matter how you move.
So forget dry-cleaning issues like clothes missing and buttons broken.  Have your clothes dry-cleaned less often, and put those clothes you “love, but are too scared to get dirty” in the front of your closet.
P.S. You also might want to find a better dry-cleaner for the times you do need them!