Topless Tee

Avoiding wardrobe malfunctions just got easier for women! Sure, it’s fine to show some skin! But at Annienymotee, we like to be in control of the skin we’re showing. After all, who wants to worry about flashing their underwear every time they bend down?
Women are not static beings.. In fact, we’re constantly on the move. We need clothes that move with us.. and give us the confidence to stretch, sit, and bend without our backsides putting on a show.

Topless Tees by Annienymotee are designed with extra length in the torso. They should hit right at or below your hip bones… so you’re avoiding wardrobe malfunctions like the dreaded plumber’s crack, or panty exposure.
And not only are Annienymotee undershirts for women super-soft, our four-way stretch fabric is anchored at the bottom with no-show stretch lace. That means any way you move, your Topless Tee has your lower-half covered. You’re avoiding wardrobe malfunctions because your undershirt stays put. Just throw it on in the morning, get dressed, and go.  It’s that simple.. no pulling or tugging it down toward your hips all day. Your Topless Tee by Annienymotee won’t ride-up. There’s no bunching or bulging fabric to constantly tuck-in either! And with our open bust, which uses that same no-show stretch lace to embrace your bra (instead of cover it), you’re able to wear any style neckline without exposing your Topless Tee underneath. No one will know you have it on!
You get all the protection from light perspiration, underarm stains, and deodorant residue, and save money on your dry cleaning bill, without a second thought. So Go Topless (Tee)!  and go on with your day… avoiding wardrobe malfunctions along the way!
Til next time,