Undershirts For Women

Less laundry? Sign us up! There are a million things most of us would rather be doing than laundry. It’s even worse if you have to take your clothes to a laundromat or cleaners! So how do you do less laundry, and get back to the important stuff in life?
For women, that question is finally answered: The Topless Tee! It’s the premiere line of women’s undershirts by Annienymotee. This new undershirt for women gives us the same advantage men have had forever: the chance to avoid the hamper, and hang our shirts, dresses, sweaters, and blouses back up for another wear. Our women’s undershirts provide a protective barrier between you and any clothing you wear over them. Your clothing stays fresher, longer. Fewer washings and dry-cleanings mean your clothes look better and the integrity of their fabric remains stronger, longer.
With the Topless Tee women’s undershirt, we’ve taken the basic idea of what undershirts do for men, BUT…drastically improved the performance, look and feel for us! (we’re women, what did you expect?).  Forget the all-cotton, white crew-necks that peep-out around the neck and show their outline under shirts. Topless Tees save time & money on laundry discreetly.
Our undershirts for women are made of ultra-soft, 4-way-stretch fabric that feels great against the skin. They fit snugly on a woman’s curves, without binding or compressing. Our premiere Topless Tee Collection comes in three skin tone colors (as well as classic black). By complementing your skin tone with one of our light, medium, or dark colors.. your undershirt for women will blend-in with your body.. making it virtually undetectable under the sheerest, lightest fabrics (even white!). Our wide stretch-lace will keep the Topless Tee from riding-up… no tucking-in throughout your day. That same stretch lace also means no hard seams to give you away under light or tighter fabrics (you won’t see a ring/ridge around the neckline, sleeves, or hem). And here’s the best part: the Topless Tee won’t peep-out under any neckline you throw at it. Go scoop neck, or as low as you dare.. you won’t see the undershirt! That’s because we designed the Topless Tee to embrace the bra with our patented, open-bust design.. not cover it. You get all the protection from everyday perspiration, underarm stains, and deodorant residue (just like the guys do)..without anyone knowing you’re wearing an undershirt. Better yet, you’ll be doing less laundry!
And, there are so many ways to wear your undershirt! Pull-up the bottom hem for a half shirt if you don’t want it around your hips, bring the bottom stretch lace up and over your bra to cover cleavage or hide a dark bra color under a light fabric (no need to change your bra last minute), you can even wear your Topless Tee untucked for a peek of the beautiful lace trim under a top. The choice is yours.
Less Landry, less dry-cleaning, less hand washing. It’s true: less really is more!