Avoid The Uniboob | Undershirts For Women

“Lift and separate”… remember that ad slogan?  Turns out that bra manufacturer was on to something.  Today, we call that ‘something’ a “uniboob.”  In fact, the desire to avoid the uniboob affects most women at some point.  A uniboob happens when you wear a bra, sports bra, or even a tight shirt that flattens your breasts together.  The urban dictionary says, a “uniboob” occurs: “When it looks like you have one massive breast. This usually happens when a girl wears a sports bra or one of those tank tops with the shelf bra.”   At Annienymotee, our definition might be, “The undesirable smooshing effect of the breasts from wearing an ordinary t-shirt under sweaters or tight knits.”   The quest to avoid the uniboob is one of the reasons we went “Topless” with our undershirt for women!

By leaving the bust line of our women’s undershirts open (exposing the bra…and embracing it with our stretch-lace trim),  you still get the protection from deodorant marks and residue, underarm stains, and light perspiration on your clothing.. without the dreaded “uniboob.” Because of our patented Annienymotee design, women who wear them can avoid the uniboob look.  In fact, they can wear any neckline of blouse, sweater, dress, shirt, or jacket without revealing they’re wearing a  women’s undershirt… and without flattening or smooshing their figure. The Annienymotee undershirt for women launched with our Topless Tee Collection.  For this premier collection, we painstakingly narrowed our colors to three skin tones.  We found these tones complement a variety of complexions.  By matching your skin tone to a similar or slightly darker colored undershirt from Annienymotee.com, you’ll get a look that’s invisible under the lightest, palest fabrics.. even white!

So avoid the uniboob.  Complement your complexion.  Go Topless (Tee)!