Topless Tee

The other day, I was perusing the internet, and came across a comment on Reddit. The poster had bought an Annienymotee  Smart Savings 3-pack. Here’s what she said:

“…It’s only been a few days and so far I really like them. I bought my usual size small, and the only thing is the lace around the sleeve is a bit tight. To be fair, I have kind of largeish upper arms for my size. I’m hoping it relaxes with time. I could exchange them for a medium, but the shirt fits great otherwise so I think I will stick with the small. I like that they fit close to the underarm because one of my main reasons for wearing an undershirt is to avoid perspiration getting through to my clothes. They really do not show and they are super comfortable besides the lace at the sleeve. Highly recommended!...”

First: we thanked her for the great review and mention on Reddit! Then, we offered everyone a 48-hour discount coupon in her honor. (That was fun!)
But we wanted to do more. We wanted to address the fit on the sleeves. Here’s what we wrote her:

“…You mentioned in that post that the arms were a little tight, and you hoped they would stretch in time. They will. (Here’s a tip to speed the process if you need to: You can place your Topless Tee in a lingerie bag, wash in hot water, and dry it in your dryer. The heat will relax the elastic.)
Because the body of our shirts are made from four-way stretch fabric, you’re ensured a good fit, even if you’re technically between sizes.
Our stretch lace trim, though, is designed to keep the Topless Tee in place so it won’t bunch-up or move as you pull on a sweater or top (or as you raise your arms, reach, and go about your day). It has to fit snug to do that. It was vital to us that our undershirts are as invisible as possible under women’s clothing. The loose fit of a man’s undershirt wouldn’t work under women’s thinner would add bulk, distract the eye, and ruin the lines of the garment. When you pay top dollar for clothing, you don’t need an undershirt to undermine the look. Along that same vein, the low-profile of the lace disguises seams. Without the lace, the undershirt seam at the arm would show-through (as our competition’s does). The stretch lace smoothes the look…”

Her reply?:

“I’m wearing my undershirt today under an ivory cashmere sweater (it’s still a bit chilly here!) and it feels much much more comfortable after running it through the wash and dryer a couple of times. It is also totally invisible! I can definitely see the R&D that you put into your shirts. I can’t believe I was wearing white cotton t-shirts as undershirts for so long. The difference is night and day.”

That was not only music to our ears, it prompted a change to our website! We have now posted a new sizing chart throughout
We are so grateful for customers like Anne (quoted above). She…and you…are just the women we’re creating clothing solutions for: women who are smart and savvy with their money, style, and choices.