Itchy Clothes Meet Their Match With Annienymotee Undershirts For Women | Topless Tee

Itchy clothes sufferers…you know who you are.
Have you ever convinced yourself you can wear that incredible wool-blend top in the store, only to realize back home you’d traded comfort and sanity for style? Yep.
Oh to be immune to itchy clothes and the irritating sensitivity to wool, acrylic, mohair, and other coarse fibers! The thing is, they make such gorgeous jackets, tops,  and sweaters with those fabrics! It’s hard to avoid.  And if you have skin allergies, the problem is even worse!
Don’t give up hope (or that gorgeous top!). Wear your Annienymotee  women’s undershirt under the garment instead! Our fabric is ridiculously soft and stretchy.. and it provides the barrier you need to avoid the pain and frustration of itchy clothes. It’s low-profile, too, so no one will notice you’re wearing it under your clothing (there’s no bulkiness or visible seams).

If you buy from our premiere Topless Tee line in a color close to your skin tone, you can even wear it under light-weight, white, or light colored tops and jackets without ANY bleed-through color.
And with the Topless Tee undershirts, you never have to worry about the neckline of anything you’re wearing. That’s because we designed our tees with an open bust. That means Topless Tees  embrace the bra instead of covering it up (that’s why we call it “Topless!”). That way you can wear a variety of necklines and still get the protection from irritating fabrics.
And as a bonus: you won’t have to hand wash or dry-clean your tops and suit jackets nearly as often. The Topless Tee not only protects your skin from itchy clothes, it protects those itchy clothes from deodorant marks and residue, light perspiration, and underarm stains!
So Go Topless (Tee)! Save money, and your skin!