Keep White Blouses White With Annienymotee Undershirts | Women’s Undershirt

Keep white blouses white, and launder or dry-clean less often with Annienymotee women’s undershirts.
In the video below, I show you just how invisible our Topless Tee women’s undershirts really are when matched to your complementary skin tone (I’m wearing our light color). You simply can’t see where our undershirts for women end… and your skin begins.. even under the lightest (and whitest) fabrics.
Plus, our soft, snug-fitting stretch lace keeps seams from showing through, while keeping your undershirt from bundling-up, or moving.
By wearing our women’s undershirts, you provide a layer of protection between your clothes and you. The deodorant, lotions, and perspiration of daily life end up on your washable women’s undershirt. You can hang that blouse back up for another wear..and toss your Topless Tee into a lingerie bag and into your washer (even tumble dry on low if you’re pressed for time).
So keep white blouses white.. launder and dry-clean less often with Annienymotee.
But that’s enough reading.. this video speaks for itself!